UrbanSitter Launches in Portland

By rtstephen
April 2, 2016

UrbanSitter Launches in Portland! Sign Up & Get a $50 Credit

You make it a point to stay on top of Portland’s lat­est and great­est. It’s time to get jazzed: the Rose City just debuted a new ser­vice that’s a life-saver for busy par­ents.

Wel­come Urban­Sit­ter, a babysit­ter-find­ing ser­vice already a favorite of fam­i­lies in San Fran­cis­co, LA, New York and Chica­go. With UrbanSitter’s easy-to-use web­site and app, you can book the occa­sion­al babysit­ter, last-minute back-up care and a full- or part-time nan­ny with just a click of a but­ton, whether you’re in the car­pool line or surf­ing the web post-bedtime.

Unlike oth­er sites or agen­cies, Urban­Sit­ter is con­nect­ed to the local par­ent­ing com­mu­ni­ty so you can browse lists of rec­om­mend­ed sit­ters hired by par­ents at your own preschool, your neigh­bor­hood moms group or your son’s soc­cer team.

Sign-up by April 30 with dis­count code VIPPORTLAND50 to receive a $50 cred­it to book your first babysitter.