I Can’t Overstate the Value of a Good Board

In the 12-months, we have stood up a com­pa­ny, hired a world-class team, released an indus­try-lead­­ing piece of hard­ware, and signed a term sheet to ful­ly fund our busi­ness plan. That’s […]

This Edible Peel Extends the Shelf Life of Produce

Many of us have reached into the fridge and found avo­ca­dos that are too brown to put on toast, straw­ber­ries that are coat­ed in fuzzy mold or kale that has […]

Innovating to Better Serve People and Our Planet

[…] When we found­ed R‑Zero, we resolved to make a bet­ter dis­in­fec­tion prod­uct at a frac­tion of the price so more orga­ni­za­tions could access this supe­ri­or tech – includ­ing public […]