Flextronics Buys NEXTracker for $330 Million

By Eric Wesoff: Dan Shugar and DBL do it again: “I don’t know any­one who has ramped a com­pa­ny as fast as we have.” NEX­Track­er, a design­er and builder of sin­­gle-axis PV trackers, […]

California Climate Leadership: SB 350 Myths and Facts

SB 350 Myths and Facts California’s lead­er­ship on cli­mate and clean ener­gy has gen­er­at­ed bil­lions of dol­lars of in-state invest­ment, spurring job cre­ation and strong growth in new indus­tries, and paving […]

Dear Gov. Brown: Energy and Cleantech VCs Talk NEM Policy in Calif.

Ven­ture investors Pfund, Doerr, Vas­sal­lo, Ehren­preis, Kort­lang, Atlu­ru and Prend make a NEM pol­i­cy case on behalf of DG. August 26, 2015 Gov­er­nor Jer­ry Brown State Capi­tol Sacra­men­to, CA 95814 Sen­ate Pro Tem Kevin […]