Tech in Africa is Taking Off

From uni­corns aim­ing for world dom­i­na­tion to small town­ship star­tups look­ing to make a dif­fer­ence in women’s lives, Africa is replete with inno­va­tors. It has the youngest pop­u­la­tion of any con­ti­nent in […]

Westmoreland turns to Apeel to eliminate single-use plastics for cucumbers

West­more­land and Apeel Sci­ences have joined forces to elim­i­nate sin­­gle-use plas­tics from Long Eng­lish Cucum­ber pack­ag­ing. Accord­ing to the release, this is U.S.-based Apeel’s first Cana­di­an sup­pli­er rela­tion­ship, bring­ing the […]