ZOLA Electric Launches its Energy Technology Platform in Haiti — Via Partnership with Haiti Green Solutions — to Transform Energy Access

North American Clean Energy
December 14, 2022

ZOLA Elec­tric, the lead­ing Emerg­ing Mar­ket ener­gy tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­ny, announces its mar­ket entry to Haiti, in part­ner­ship with local renew­able ener­gy pio­neer Haiti Green Solu­tions. The deploy­ment of ZOLA’s tech­nol­o­gy is set to address the Ener­gy Cri­sis effect­ing mil­lions across the country.

The launch is the first for ZOLA on the North Amer­i­can con­ti­nent and aims to dra­mat­i­cal­ly improve Ener­gy Access in Haiti, a coun­try fac­ing incred­i­ble ener­gy chal­lenges. Nat­ur­al dis­as­ters and aging grid have ren­dered its cen­tral­ized, fos­sil fuel archi­tec­ture unus­able, with the vast major­i­ty of its 12 mil­lion peo­ple lack­ing access to reli­able and afford­able energy.

As the poor­est coun­try in the West­ern hemi­sphere, Haiti has been hit hard by recent glob­al tur­moil. The petrol and diesel essen­tial to fuel Haiti’s strug­gling econ­o­my are entire­ly import­ed. Ris­ing world­wide diesel prices brought on by the war in Ukraine, and social unrest includ­ing the con­trol of major Hait­ian ports and fuel lines by gangs, has brought the coun­try close to paral­y­sis. Schools have not reopened after sum­mer, peo­ple can­not work or run busi­ness­es, and UN reports show almost half the pop­u­la­tion (4.7 mil­lion) is at acute hunger risk. Many rely on diesel-fuelled gen­er­a­tors to pow­er homes, schools, hos­pi­tals, and busi­ness­es, yet Haiti today sees some of the high­est costs of diesel in the world, peak­ing at $15/​gallon.

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