Impact investing – Turning a profit for ‘humankind’

All Voices
December 28, 2013

BY . Reg­u­lar busi­ness invest­ments are mea­sured on the suc­cess barom­e­ter by their abil­i­ty to deliv­er a finan­cial return. Invest­ing in the social sec­tor, referred to as impact invest­ing, presents an addi­tion­al challenge—they must deliv­er a social return.

Leg­endary suc­cess­es like Grameen Bank, found­ed by 2006 Nobel lau­re­ate Mohammed Yunus, are part of impact invest­ing folk­lore, but are these exam­ples few and far between, or is there mon­ey to be made by mar­ry­ing cap­i­tal­ism and socialism?

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