Report: Nuclear Received 4 Times More Subsidies Than Solar in CA


August 28, 2013

“Fed­er­al dol­lars per new megawatt-hour for dis­trib­uted solar are infi­nite­ly lower.”

California’s nuclear ener­gy indus­try has received four times more fed­er­al sup­port than the state’s dis­trib­uted solar builders over a peri­od six times as long, accord­ing to a new report.

California’s nuclear pow­er sup­pli­ers have ben­e­fit­ed from over $8.21 bil­lion (in 2012 dol­lars) in sub­si­diza­tion over the last half cen­tu­ry,” accord­ing to the report Ask Saint Onofrio: Find­ing What Has Been Lost in a Tale of Two Ener­gy Sources by Nan­cy E. Pfund and Noah W. Walk­er of Sil­i­con Val­ley ven­ture cap­i­tal firm DBL Partners.

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