It’s a real shame about school lunch

School lunch shouldn’t be a top­ic of con­tro­ver­sy, yet, some­how, it is — and this isn’t about the taste of the food. For one thing, the Trump admin­is­tra­tion has pro­posed a […]

How to Profit in Space: A Visual Guide

New Space Race: The cos­mos, long ruled by gov­ern­ments, is now a play­ground for com­pa­nies like SpaceX. Com­pa­nies like SpaceX are rac­ing to com­mer­cial­ize the cos­mos. ​​The visu­al guide includes an […]

Better Place Forests on the TODAY show

The wild­fires rav­aging the Ama­zon rain­for­est have grabbed the world’s atten­tion, but defor­esta­tion is also a con­cern in the U.S. Bet­ter Place Forests makes con­ser­va­tion efforts of its own, creating […]

We Need a Data-Rich Picture of What’s Killing the Planet

YOUVE PROBABLY HEARD about the plague of plas­tic trash in the oceans. You’ve seen YouTube videos of sea tur­tles with drink­ing straws in their noses, or whales with stom­achs full of marine litter. […]