Sustainable Products & Services


Wynd makes pro­pri­etary AI-pow­ered indoor air mon­i­tor­ing and purifi­ca­tion tech­nolo­gies. Wyn­d’s tech­nol­o­gy cre­ates health­i­er spaces and helps cus­tomers, employ­ees, and com­mu­ni­ties feel safe in an age of pan­demics and seri­ous pub­lic health chal­lenges from wild­fire smoke. Wyn­d’s pow­er­ful, eco­nom­i­cal air purifi­ca­tion and mon­i­tor­ing tech­nol­o­gy helps users take the guess­work out of under­stand­ing if they’re breath­ing healthy air and serves as a key ally in the move­ment for cli­mate justice.

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