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Plan­et (for­mer­ly Plan­et Labs) is a space imag­ing and ana­lyt­ics com­pa­ny that assem­bles low-cost, off-the-shelf elec­tron­ics into advanced microsatel­lites using agile aero­space tech­nolo­gies. The com­pa­ny launch­es fleets of low-earth orbit imag­ing satel­lites called Doves that map the entire Earth on a month­ly, and even­tu­al­ly on a week­ly and then dai­ly basis to bet­ter under­stand our chang­ing plan­et and ecosystems.

Planet’s glob­al, whole Earth cov­er­age and rapid cadence of imag­ing allow cus­tomers to under­stand and respond to change at a local and glob­al scale, and also open up new mar­kets for satel­lite imag­ing and data analy­sis services.

Plan­et works close­ly with a range of part­ners in envi­ron­men­tal, social, and human­i­tar­i­an sec­tors, includ­ing the Packard and Rock­e­feller Foun­da­tions, USAID, and Human­i­ty Unit­ed to make its Earth imagery data avail­able for impact-ori­ent­ed appli­ca­tions such as food secu­ri­ty, envi­ron­men­tal mon­i­tor­ing, urban plan­ning, dis­as­ter response, pub­lic health and cli­mate resilience.



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