Clean Energy

Advanced Microgrid Solutions

AMS installs advanced ener­gy stor­age sys­tems in build­ings to pro­vide clean, instant load reduc­tion to elec­tric util­i­ties and low­er ener­gy costs for con­sumers. The com­pa­ny is build­ing a more effi­cient, more resilient elec­tric grid.

AMS’s Hybrid-Elec­tric Build­ings Project deploys large net­works of bat­tery sys­tems in tar­get­ed build­ings where elec­tric util­i­ties need grid sup­port. AMS can seam­less­ly shift an entire fleet of build­ings from grid pow­er to bat­tery pow­er pro­vid­ing real time sup­port to the elec­tric grid. Build­ing own­ers get paid for being part of the solu­tion to today’s ener­gy challenge.

25 Stillman Street
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94107

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