Predict range, discover charge points and pay with Mapbox for EV

Mapbox for EV is the end-to-end solution to precisely predict battery range, discover the most convenient charging locations and pay for charging directly from the car

Mapbox blog
January 4, 2023

Today, we’re intro­duc­ing Map­box for EV, an end-to-end solu­tion for elec­tric vehi­cles (EV) that con­sis­tent­ly and reli­ably routes cars based on accu­rate range cal­cu­la­tions, helps dri­vers find opti­mal charge points, and enables pay­ment direct­ly from a vehicle’s info­tain­ment screen or mobile com­pan­ion app.

EV dri­vers face a steep learn­ing curve when search­ing and pay­ing for EV charg­ing. When plan­ning for a long trip, many EV dri­vers man­u­al­ly search for charge points across mul­ti­ple mobile apps to deter­mine the ide­al charg­ing stops out of dozens of options. They need to decide how many times to stop and how long to charge at each. Due to range anx­i­ety, dri­vers often end up with more charg­ing stops than required. They take longer detours to reach the charg­er and they charge longer than required. Once at a charg­ing loca­tion, charg­ers are often­times hard to find or not func­tion­al. Pay­ment is com­plex, requir­ing cus­tomers to down­load mul­ti­ple mobile apps, cre­ate an account for each and remem­ber which app to use for which EV charg­ing network.

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