Better Place Forests’ Burial Alternative Is Coming To Northern Illinois

Northern Public Radio
March 11, 2021

What do you plan to do with your body after you die? Instead of hav­ing it buried in a grave with a tomb­stone, some peo­ple are choos­ing to have their ash­es spread beneath a pri­vate tree.

Bet­ter Place Forests is respond­ing to that trend by turn­ing for­est land into memo­r­i­al pre­serves. There are five in the coun­try, with two in the works, includ­ing one in north­ern Illinois.

Sandy Gib­son is the CEO and founder of Bet­ter Place Forests. He says his ear­ly expe­ri­ence with death led him to cre­ate this com­pa­ny. When he was a lit­tle boy, his par­ents died with­in one year of each other.

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