Apeel- The 10 most innovative food companies of 2021

Fast Company
March 11, 2021

Whether they are devel­op­ing new prod­ucts for gro­cery aisles or cre­at­ing new mar­ket­places where shop­pers might find them, these 10 com­pa­nies point the way for­ward for the entire food indus­try. Puris has cul­ti­vat­ed a pea vari­ety that will fuel the alt-meat indus­try for years to come. Per­fect Day makes a lab-grown ice cream that tastes as good as the real thing. And True Made Foods and Pure­cane are sweet­en­ing what we eat while keep­ing us healthy. Mean­while, Gold­bel­ly, Thrive Mar­ket, and Patag­o­nia Pro­vi­sions are con­nect­ing peo­ple to the food they val­ue most, from organ­ic pro­duce to award-win­ning New Orleans beignets.


For coat­ing fruits and veg­eta­bles for the long haul

Known for mak­ing plant-derived coat­ings that increase the shelf life of pro­duce, Apeel recent­ly cre­at­ed a prod­uct specif­i­cal­ly for apples, helped launch plas­tic-free cucum­bers in more than 100 Wal­marts, remov­ing 60,000 pounds of plas­tics from the sup­ply chain per year. The com­pa­ny also expand­ed its glob­al reach open­ing facil­i­ties in Peru, the Nether­lands, and Mexico.

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