R‑Zero Emerges as Leading Primary Education Choice for UV‑C disinfection

December 11, 2020

R‑Zero, a pio­neer­ing biosafe­ty com­pa­ny ded­i­cat­ed to reduc­ing spread of infec­tious dis­ease, has become a lead­ing UV‑C dis­in­fec­tion solu­tion for our nation’s edu­ca­tion sys­tem. R‑Zero is work­ing with over 75 schools, account­ing for more than 47,000 stu­dents in more than 8 states across the coun­try. R‑Zero has also part­nered with over 20 state-lev­el edu­ca­tion asso­ci­a­tions. R‑Zero’s part­ners — who chose R‑Zero in part because its dis­in­fec­tion solu­tions are an eli­gi­ble expense under the CARES Act — see the com­pa­ny’s tech­nol­o­gy as a cost-effec­tive way to safe­ly reopen schools amid the pan­dem­ic and make their spaces safer in the new nor­mal to follow.

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