This invisible, protective coating on fruit and vegetables fights food waste

Apeel Sciences’ food-based coating can extend the life of produce so that grocery stores–and consumers–don’t need to throw as much away. It’s one of the winners of Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards.

Fast Company
By Adele Peters
April 13, 2019

Stacked on a shelf at a Kroger gro­cery store, these avo­ca­dos look like any oth­er avo­ca­dos. But each fruit is coat­ed in an invis­i­ble, edi­ble, plant-based coat­ing that acts as a hid­den weapon against food waste.

Apeel Sci­ences, a start­up found­ed in 2012 with a grant from the Gates Foun­da­tion, is begin­ning to remake pro­duce sec­tions in a bid to tack­le one of the world’s major sus­tain­abil­i­ty chal­lenges: Each year, rough­ly a third of the food that farms grow is wast­ed, wast­ing water, fer­til­iz­er, and ener­gy along the way. If food waste was a coun­try, it would be the third largest emit­ter of green­house gas pol­lu­tion in the world.

For fruits and veg­eta­bles, Apeel founder James Rogers real­ized that a sim­ple coat­ing could extend the life of food. The coat­ing itself is derived from food and slows down both how fast the item los­es water and becomes oxi­dized. It’s able to make fruits and veg­eta­bles last as much as four times as long.  The prod­uct is the win­ner of Fast Company’s 2019 World Chang­ing Ideas Awards in the Food category.

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