SolarCity and Honda Pair up to Drive more Solar Installations

New Incentives from Honda Offer Car Buyers Low-cost Home Solar

February 26, 2013

The car busi­ness is famous for incen­tives.  Now Hon­da, one of the first and most inno­v­a­tive EV mak­ers , is team­ing up with SolarCi­ty (NASDAQ: SCTY) on a unique incen­tive to bring low- or no-cost solar to its customers.

Hon­da and Acu­ra deal­ers will now offer their cus­tomers home solar sys­tems at lit­tle to no up front cost.  The com­pa­ny will offer financ­ing through a $65 mil­lion fund it’s set up to get peo­ple start­ed.  Poten­tial cus­tomers get solar for their home with­out hav­ing to fund the up-front start­up costs, and are locked into a month­ly spend that would be less than their cur­rent util­i­ty bills.  SolarCi­ty ben­e­fits by gain­ing access to Hon­da’s rich cur­rent and for­mer cus­tomer data, which includes a bet­ter than fair amount of envi­ron­men­tal­ly-con­scious drivers.


It’s an idea with legs; last week’s announce­ment of the part­ner­ship drew wide acclaim by media, blog­gers and envi­ron­men­tal groups across the coun­try.  A sam­pling of the media follows.

What about you — would you be sur­prised to be offered a solar sys­tem for your home if you were car shop­ping?  Would the offer make you want to learn more?


The New York Times, Home Solar Sys­tems to Be an Option for Hon­da Customers

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The San Jose Mer­cury News, Hon­da and Acu­ra own­ers qual­i­fy for $400 dis­count on SolarCi­ty solar systems
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Solar Indus­try Mag­a­zine, SolarCi­ty Enters Part­ner­ship With Honda

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